Duo Ahlert & Schwab

Weiss and Hoffmann

Sonatas for lute and mandolin
Silvius Leopold Weiss
-Sonata No.20, d-minor
-Sonata No.14, g-minor

Johann Hoffmann
-Sonata G-major
-Sonata d-minor

Having done several recordings of romantic and contemporary music we now present our first recording of baroque music. Together with the well-known label Naxos we have decided to record sonatas by Weiss and Hoffmann, the two most important musicians on their instruments in their time.

Silvius Leopold Weiss and Johann Hoffmann were at their living times known as the greatest virtuosos on their instruments. After Weiss the lute was being replaced by guitar, and after Hoffmann the kind of mandolin he used vanished. So, their music represents a zenith of lute and mandolin repertoires and has in this form been recorded for the first time.

We play copies of historical instruments. The six-course mandolin is a copy of an Ambrogio Maraffi original from about 1730 by Sebastian Nunez (Netherlands). The sonatas by Weiss are played on a 13-course baroque-lute (Martin Hoffmann), also by Sebastian Nunez. For the music by Hoffmann Birgit Schwab uses an archlute (Vendelio Venere) by Gerhard Soehne, Munich.

This CD was supported by the "GWK" and published by "Naxos".

Price 10,- EUR


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