Duo Ahlert & Schwab


America! - Music for mandolin and guitar
Tyler Kaiser
-The Fates

Tom G. Febonio
-Water Ballads Op.47

Timothy Dwight Edwards
-Strange Attractor

Lawrence Axelrod

Mark Delpriora
-Sonata "Ruins"

Jay Gordon

Jeffrey Harrington
-Indigo Trails

On our new CD we present music for mandolin and guitar from the US. All pieces are world premiere recordings! And all compositions have either been written for us or been premiered by us. The CD is published by Naxos in their "American Classics" series.

"...when artists this brilliant perform any kind of music, baroque or 12 tone, that music deserves to be listened to."
Oscar O. Veterano, April 2012

Price 10,- EUR


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